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  • NWC Newsletter November 2016

    In this issue: Election Analysis and Outlook Annual Meeting Recap New Officers and Directors Welcome New Members Upcoming Industry Events >>Read the full November 2016 Newsletter (PDF-2933k)

  • NWC Newsletter June 2016

    In this issue: Annual Meeting 2016 John Redmond Reservoir Dredging Changes at the Corps Upcoming Industry Events Welcome New Members WRDA Update >>Read the full NWC Newsletter June 2016 (PDF-691KB)

  • NWC Newsletter October 2015

    In this issue: Annual Meeting 2015 Recap Waters of the U.S. Update Appropriations Update Federal Flood Risk Management Standards Bob Portiss Named Champion of Change The Value of the Columbia Snake River Dams Kansas City Port Read the ...

  • NWC Newsletter June 2015

    In this issue: Annual Meeting 2015 WRRDA Implementation Waters of the US Update Appropriations Update Federal Flood Risk Management Standards Mississippi River Commission Update Viking Cruises on the Mississippi >> Read the full NWC Newsletter June 2015  (PDF-742KB)

  • NWC Newsletter November 2014

    In this issue: Annual Meeting Recap WRRDA Implementation Election Results Clean Water Act Update Appropriations Update Federal Flood Risk Management Standards NWC Newsletter-November 2014 (PDF-1,202KB)

  • NWC Newsletter July 2014

    In this issue: Annual Meeting Registration President Signs WRRDA into Law Clean Water Act Update Civil Works Transformation Appropriations Update Hydropower Benefits Read the full July 2014 Newsletter (PDF – 796KB)  

  • NWC Newsletter April 2014

    In this issue: Legislative Summit Recap, Maritime Administration Priorities, Welcome New Members, Clean Water Act Proposed Rule, Bipartisan Flood Insurance Reform, and FY 15 Civil Works Budget >> Read the full April 2014 Newsletter (PDF – 1.7MB)

  • NWC Newsletter October 2013

    In this issue: Water Resources Legislation, Inland Waterways Reforms, Annual Meeting Recap, New Officers & Directors, Welcome New Members, NFIP Update, Upcoming Industry Events, CEQ Roundtable, WRDA Levee Safety Provisions, Jacoby Joins Husch Blackwell, Army Corps Changes, USACE Infrastructure Report, New Steel Plant ...

  • NWC Newsletter August 2013

    In this issue: 2013 Annual Meeting, Partnership Meeting, FY14 Appropriations Update, WRDA Expected After Recess, Make Section 214 Permanent, Welcome New Members, Upcoming Industry Events, Principles & Guidelines, Oklahoma / SWD, Great Lakes Shipping, GNO / FEMA Updates, Mississippi River Meetings, IWUB Meeting, ...

  • NWC Newsletter April 2013

    In this issue: WRDA on Senate Floor, Welcome New Members, Legislative Summit Recap, Upcoming Industry Events, House WRDA Hearing, FY14 Budget, Principles & Guidelines, Bill Jackson Honored, and Joint Caucus Briefing >> Read the full April 2013 Newsletter (PDF – 1.9MB)

  • NWC Newsletter January 2013

    In this issue: 113th Congress / Legislative Summit,  WRDA Committee Members, Levee Safety Report, Welcome New Members, WRDA Principles, Investments in Infrastructure, RAMP, PIANC, Upcoming Industry Events, America’s Central Port, AGWI, and Riverworks Discovery >> Read the full January 2013 Newsletter (PDF – 2.4MB)

  • NWC Newsletter October 2012

    In this issue: Annual Meeting Review, NWC’s New Officers & Directors, Challenges and Partnership, Welcome New Members, Drought Concerns Continue, RAMP Update, The Looming Fiscal Cliff, Business As Usual?, Industry Events, The Corp Says “Yes”, NWC Water Supply Opportunity, Hope for Section ...

  • NWC Newsletter March 2012

    In this issue: FY13 Budget, Congress Earmark Moratorium, White House Task Force, Inland Waterways Project, Agency at Crossroads, Part 2, Bill to Reform Project Delivery, Water Resources Management, Importance of a Plan, and RAMP >> Read the full March 2012 Newsletter (PDF ...