The mission of the National Waterways Conference is to effect common sense policies and programs, recognizing the public value of our Nation’s water resources and their contribution to public safety, a competitive economy, national security, environmental quality and energy conservation.

Reliable, well-maintained water resources infrastructure is fundamental to America’s economic and environmental well-being and is essential to maintaining our nation’s competitive position within the global economy. Our water resources infrastructure provides life-saving flood control, needed water supplies, shore protection, water-based recreation, environmental restoration, and hydropower production. Moreover, waterways transportation is the safest, most energy-efficient and environmentally sound mode of transportation. Among the numerous benefits that water resources projects provide to our nation:

  • Flood damage reduction programs that save lives and prevent more than $700 billion in riverine and coastal damages – reducing damages by almost $6 for each dollar spent.
  • Ports and waterways – the backbone of the nation’s transportation system – that provide domestic and international trade opportunities and low-cost, environmentally sound goods movement.
  • Effective management of our nation’s floodplains – giving balanced consideration to economic and human uses, as well as environmental and ecological concerns – ensuring the safety, security and well-being of all Americans and their families.
  • Hydropower facilities, built and maintained by the Corps of Engineers, that produce nearly a third of the nation’s total hydropower output: enough energy to serve about ten million households.
  • Management of the nation’s water supply – critical to limiting water shortages and lessening the impact of droughts – including multi-purpose Corps’ projects that can provide almost 5 billion gallons of water per day for use by local communities and businesses, enough water to supply the average household needs of about 55 million Americans for a year.
  • Shore protection projects that provide protection from hurricanes and other storm events for transportation, petroleum and agriculture infrastructure around our coastlines, coastal waterways and deltas, as well as recreational benefits.

Excerpted from NWC Guiding Principles, Download Document (PDF – 56kb)