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About the National Waterways Conference

Investments in water resources infrastructure are investments in the long-term strength and security of the nation.

The National Waterways Conference is the only national organization to advocate in favor of national policy and laws that recognize the vital importance of America’s water resources infrastructure to our nation’s well-being and quality of life. Established in 1960, NWC supports a sound balance between economic and human needs and environmental and ecological considerations.

The National Waterways Conference supports:

  • Rational, balanced, common-sense policies and programs that recognize the multiple uses of water and the essential contributions of a healthy and environmentally sound water resources infrastructure to the nation’s economic prosperity, public health and national security.
  • Robust investments in critical water resources infrastructure, including funding for operation and maintenance sufficient to preserve the value of prior investments, to ensure that water resources will continue to contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by every American and sustain our global economic competitiveness.
  • An investment decision process for new projects that reflects the national interest in water resources premised upon proven analytical tools and an evaluation of a full range of alternatives.
  • Cooperation among stakeholders and all levels and agencies of government that recognizes and respects national, regional, state and local differences in priorities and values related to water resources and supports decision-making at the level of government closest to our citizens.

Excerpted from NWC Guiding Principles, Download Document (PDF – 56kb)